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About Simplyfit

Simply Fit, Inc.'s goal is to bridge the gap between research and practicality so you can benefit directly from state of the art research in the scientific areas of diet, exercise and disease. With our guidance and assistance, clients can reach their goals and potentials faster, more efficiently and healthier.

Dr. Eric Sternlicht is the founder and President of Simply Fit. He received a doctoral degree from the UCLA Department of Kinesiology, with a specialty in exercise physiology. Currently he holds an Associate Professor position in the Department of Kinesiology at Chapman University. He is a regular contributor to magazines such as Cooking Light, Oxygen, Men's Fitness, Prime Fitness & Health, Ironman, and Muscle and Fitness.

Most Recent Published Study:

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Dr. Sternlicht is the author of Fuel Up: Using the Principles of Sports Nutrition to Perform Like a Pro. Perigee Publishers, New York, N.Y., 2001.