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Nutrition Column

  1. Obesity Update
  2. Reflections on Compassion - Dr. Sternlicht's Interview, Professor of Health Sciences (Part2)
  3. Reflections on Compassion - Dr. Sternlicht's Interview, Professor of Health Sciences
  4. Exercise and Nutrition for Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients
  5. Adverse Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on Gastrointestinal Microbiota
  6. Post-Exercise Nutrition
  7. Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients
  8. To Wheat or Not to Wheat Ė A case for or against a gluten-free diet
  9. Synopsis of: Food Politics
  10. Dr. Sternlicht Appears on CBSís The Doctors
  11. Learn the Physiology of Obesity
  12. Letís Move! Initiative
  13. Parallel Epidemics: Obesity & type 2 diabetes
  14. Misguided Recommendations for Parents of Children
  15. Caffeine Use in Sports
  16. Lifestyle modification over surgical or pharmacological intervention
  17. Dietary Saturated Fat Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer
  18. Expert Groups Recommend Home Monitoring of Blood Pressure
  19. Just Add Water
  20. Diet High in Phytosterols Lowers LDL-Cholesterol Same As Statin Drugs
  21. Sodiumís Impact on your Health
  22. Repeated Dieting Negatively Impacts Your Immune Function
  23. Glycemic Index and Endurance Performance
  24. Synopsis of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
  25. Does Milk Do A Body Good?
  26. Synopsis of The Truth About The Drug Companies
  27. Does the Federal Drug Administration Really Provide Protection?
  28. Selecting healthy foods made easier with the ONQI
  29. Enhancing Performance with a Cup of Coffee, or Two
  30. Understanding the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
  31. Antioxidants Benefits of Tropical Guava
  32. Understanding the Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
  33. Milk Diminishes Chocolateís Health Benefits
  34. Nutrition & Exercise in the Prevention of Osteoporosis
  35. NYC:  Trans Fat Free
  36. Synopsis of Eat Right - Electrolyte
  37. Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratio
  38. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  39. Green Tea and Death: The Ohsaki Study
  40. Ribose Supplementation
  41. Avoiding Disease
  42. Dash Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure
  43. Setting appropriate weight loss goals depends on fat cell numbers
  44. Chocoholics have a healthy reason to celebrate
  45. You canít live on supplements alone
  46. The list of health imparting nutrients found in plants continues to grow
  47. When is eating fungus beneficial?
  48. Is eating fish safe or dangerous?
  49. A simple answer to a complex carbohydrate!
  50. Fish, Flax, Omega-3ís - what are the health benefits of the fatty acids found in certain foods?
  51. Have a nightcap for leg cramps at night
  52. Eating carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables along with zinc helps prevent two common age-related, sight-robbing disorders
  53. Where did that water recommendation of 8 cups per day come from anyway? And is it right?
  54. Sleeping more than 7 hours may be a key to successful weight loss
  55. A diet filled with processed foods high in fat and sucrose effects more than your waistline
  56. Drinking a caloric beverage does little to aid satiety but raises caloric intake
  57. The balance of fats in your diet plays a role in your physical and mental health
  58. Sugar alcohols may be called ďnon-impactĒ but they do impact your body and health
  59. Is your doctor or medication making you sick?
  60. High blood pressure will play games with your mind, along with your heart
  61. Homocysteine found to be a culprit in fragile bones
  62. Are you becoming a diabetic?
  63. For disease prevention and regression look for soluble fiber in the foods you eat.
  64. Vitamin D proves more important than calcium in preventing disease.
  65. Turning up the heat - fat cell metabolism
  66. Green tea polyphenols remain despite added sugar
  67. Timing of intake not as important as amount
  68. Post-workout nutrition
  69. Read food labels - get the whole story
  70. Bottled tea versus brewed tea - which is healthier
  71. Sources of omega-3 fatty acids
  72. Water Options
  73. The $7 billion supplement market
  74. A must read: Eat Right - Electrolyte by W. Rex Hawkins, MD.
  75. Fructose versus high-fructose corn syrup
  76. Ideas to help guarantee long-term success
  77. Creatine Supplementation
  78. What you eat is as important as how much
  79. Awareness is the first step to change
  80. There are no forbidden foods - every food is OK in moderation
  81. When eating too much of one nutrient
  82. You have to check the ingredients
  83. Saturated fat is key
  84. Caffeine appears to raise lipid levels is some individuals
  85. Caloric comparisons for weight loss
  86. Fiber supplementation
  87. Acid-base balance, pH and diet
  88. Nutrients to focus on
  89. For non-hypertriglyceridemics fruit is a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth
  90. Caloric requirements
  91. Optimal weight loss
  92. Areas where fat is gained first is often where it is lost last
  93. It is all a matter of perspective
  94. Green tea can add important antioxidants
  95. Drink soda's, even diet ones, in moderation
  96. Take your iron supplement with protein and / or citrus fruit
  97. Eat for your health and to limit disease risk
  98. Expeller pressed is all right
  99. How much leeway exists in the nutrient guidelines?
  100. Glucosamine supplementation
  101. Synopsis of The China Study
  102. Gender specific differences in subcutaneous and visceral fat loss
  103. Headache sources
  104. Reaching Your Full Growth Potential
  105. Don't believe all you read
  106. How diet and activity each play a role in fat cell metabolism and help to determine whether you gain or loss weight
  107. Evidence a plant-based diet aids in preventing obesity
  108. Do you get your fiber in?
  109. Making eating guidelines easy
  110. Blood lipids can rebound following a low-fat diet
  111. Fiber as a drug
  112. Supplementation versus healthy food: what is the key?
  113. Not all nuts are created equal...some are great monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid sources
  114. Gender differences in glucosamine requirements
  115. Activity is essential for long-term weight loss & maintenance
  116. More than weight loss
  117. When selecting foods - go for nutrient density
  118. Research against antioxidant supplementation
  119. Limit dietary saturated fat and dramatically improve your life
  120. Laughter as therapy
  121. Hold the Chili Please